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2016 new year´s eve in rio de Janeiro at the Porto Bay international hotel

2016 new year´s eve in rio de Janeiro at the Porto Bay international hotel

2016 New Year’s Eve in Copacabana will be the principal of the New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro and will as usual attractions with a schedule of major national attractions and the best fireworks show produced in Brazil.

Most of the music will be dedicated to samba, as the theme of the New Year’s Eve on Copacabana beach will honor the 2016 Rio summer games and the 100 years of samba.
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When it comes to New Year’s Eve, the proposition is always the same: get renewed, and ring in a new year full of good energy and changes. To do this, a lot of Brazilians follow traditions that promise luck, love, money and so on. But do you really know the meaning of them all? If not, see the most common Brazilian New Year´s Eve traditions: #new year #traditions #brazil #celebration #expectations #2016

Virtual racism. The consequences are real

Virtual racism real consequences

Internet offers the liberty of expression as a fact and had turned sometimes into an offensive and disrespectful platform of racism posts. Does an unhappy comment on the internet can generate real effects in an increasingly connected society? To answer this question and participate in the mobilization in response to racism on social networks against Maria Julia Coutinho, the Maju, Criola created in partnership with urban furniture businesses, billboards and bus doors with actual messages posted on Facebook against the journalist.

Halloween celebrated in Brazil

Halloween celebrated in Brazil

The halloween in Brazil is called witches day. Its celebration takes place on October 31. It is believed that the passage of that night, souls go out of their graves and leave the streets frightening all those who are close by.

The Halloween infiltrated Brazilian celebrations timidly, because Brazil, a country that celebrates the good things in life, do not see in the midst of festivity, the celebration of dead. Despite its small influence, it can be seen in schools, clubs, nightclubs and shopping malls in several cities, but as stated earlier, do not get expressive influence.
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