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Central Brazil - Alta Floresta Amazona
Alta Floresta

Alta Floresta – Cristalino National Park considered as Private National Heritage Reserve (PNHR) has a primary and lush forest, home to a variety of natural habitats. The Cristalino reserve is the first PNHR of northern Mato Grosso, created in 1997 by the enterprise itself. The PNHR is a private area, recorded in perpetuity, with the goal of conserving Brazil’s biological diversity. The creation of a PNHR is a voluntary act of the owner of an area whose main beneficiary is the natural environment. Alta Floresta Brazil


– Conservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

– Environmental education.

– Responsible tourism through small groups on groomed trails.

– Support for research projects through the Cristalino Foundation.

The Reserve is divided into geographical areas with different uses and purposes such as tourism, conservation, research and monitoring. This area is managed by a team with different areas of expertise – such as biology, management and education – through the Cristalino Foundation.

The Cristalino forest reserve borders with the Cristalino State Park, an important conserved area of 184,900 hectares in the Amazon. This park connects with the Air Force Reserve, with 2.16 million hectares. Other reserves also linked in this mosaic are: Biological Reserve Headwaters, the Xingu Reserve, and Kayabi Mundurukú Indigenous Area, Juruena National Park, New River Park, Jamanxim National Forest, Crepori National Forest, Mosaic Apuí Sucunduri Park, Jatuarana National Forest Reserve and Aripuana. Alta Floresta Brazil

Transfers are included in the package and operated by the lodge.

The principal access point to the Cristalino National Park is the airport of Alta Floresta. There are daily flights to and from Cuiabá, which take just over an hour in the modern jets of the Azul Linhas Aéreas airline.

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