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Amazon Tefé

Overview of Amazon Tefé

In the Mamiraua Reserve it is possible to admire concentrations of Amazonian fauna never before recorded. This is the Amazon of long ago. Thousands of caiman can be easily observed in the dry season along with a concentrations of up to 15,000 cormorants and herons are seen fishing in the lakes. In the trees, numerous groups of monkeys share the branches with sloths and with beautiful bromeliads and orchids. River dolphins, legendary creatures in the flooded forest, enchant all who see them. Mamirauá is also home to approximately 400 species of bird and at least 45 species of mammal. Amazon Tefé

One of the strangest is probably the White Uacari Cacajao calvus, a monkey of 4 kilos which feeds almost only on the seeds of unripe fruits. Uacaris live in bands of up to 50 individuals, and travel many kilometers every day, in search of their favourite foods.

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