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Giant otter -  Pantanal Brazil
South Pantanal

Pantanal is a beautiful complex of regions covering the Cerrado, Chaco and Amazonian forest with an impressive diversity of fauna and flora. South Pantanal

South Pantanal covers two thirds of the marsh plain: there are, for example, Nhecolândia or “Water Paradise”, the cities of Miranda and Aquidauna, with great hosting and infrastructure services for tourists, and the Port Murtinho , for the passionate fisherman. The main access doors to the south are Campo Grande and Corumba.  South Pantanal

The rains dictate the rules of the Pantanal life, multiplying in number and variety of vegetation and the beauty of the animals that live there. The birds seems giants such as Jabiru (symbol of the Pantanal), whose height reaches 1.60 meters, or the arara-azul and the spoonbill, of almost 1 meter.

The birds dive to eat, like hawks and cormorants, or out into a run, as emus. Some, in flocks, show up with open wings on the branches of trees, with feathers drying in the sun. Fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammal mammal are second in the category “size XX”: anacondas exceed four meters in length, alligators and lizards reach 2.50 meters. A single jaú can weigh a hundred pounds, for the glory (and effort) of the fisherman needs to remove it from water. The jaguar, a solitary and anti-social being fortunately, is little seen. It is the biggest cat in the Americas.  

How to get to the Pantanal

The best way to access your lodge in the Pantanal is to arrive by air in the city of Campo Grande, then contract a guide which will drive you at your destination.  South Pantanal

It is also judicious to add few days in Bonito as you are already in the region and it is a great destination.

By plane

There are several airlines, including Tam, Gol and Azul operating flights to Campo Grande (Aeroporto Internacional de Campo Grande), Corumbá (Aeroporto Internacional de Corumbá) departing from the main Brazilian capitals.

By bus

There are daily buses leaving the main Brazilian terminals towards the cities of Campo Grande and Corumbá.


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