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Halloween celebrated in Brazil

Halloween celebrated in Brazil

It is thought to have origins with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween went through the Atlantic to reach USA to become an important once year celebration.

Halloween celebrated in Brazil is called witches day. Its celebration takes place on October 31. It is believed that the passage of that night, souls go out of their graves and leave the streets frightening all those who are close by.

The Halloween infiltrated Brazilian celebrations timidly, because Brazil, a country that celebrates the good things in life, do not see in the midst of festivity, the celebration of dead. Despite its small influence, it can be seen in schools, clubs, nightclubs and shopping malls in several cities, but as stated earlier, do not get expressive influence.

Many nationalists give credits to the influence of American culture to Halloween’s celebration, so many Brazilians, decreed on October 31 as the official day of Saci Pererê, protesting the inclusion of Halloween.

Saci Pererê

The Saci-Pererê is one of the most popular characters from Brazilian folklore. Probably arose between indigenous peoples of southern Brazil, during the colonial period (possibly in the late eighteenth century). At this time, it was represented by a mulatto indigenous boy with a tail, who lived in the forest, getting ready to misbehave.

However, when migrating to the north of the country, the myth and the character have been changed by receiving influences of African culture. The Saci became a young black man with only one leg, because, according to the myth, he had lost the other in a capoeira fight. He was represented wearing a red cap and a pipe, typical of African culture.

2015 Halloween festivities

All Brazilian cities have organised an Halloween party. In Salvador, one of the party has been celebrated in the famous Porto da Barra, now exclusively pedestrian street. The party has been organized by Village novo hotel and Fashion designer team. The hotel main entrance turned to a house of terror with refined and detailed Halloween decoration. Many family joined the festivities and children were delighted by the many surprises offered along the night.

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