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The best beach of the world is in Brazil

Praia do Sancho

The Sancho Bay in Fernando de Noronha (PE) has been voted the best beach in the world for the second time (2015), a survey released annually by TripAdvisor. The ‘Traveller’s Choice Awards’ takes into account the beaches better assessed by users in the last 12 months The Sancho Bay is the only Brazilian among the ten most voted on in the world.

Among the best in South America, Brazilian beaches occupied seven of the top ten.
Beyond Sancho, this list includes regional Lopes Mendes on Ilha Grande (RJ); Carneiros beach (PE); Forno Beach, in Arraial do Cabo (RJ); Pipa (RN); Grumari, Rio; and Wales in Maragogi (AL).

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2015 Official ranking

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[trx_list_item]Baía do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha (PE), Brasil[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Isola del Conigli, Sicília, Itália[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Playa Paraíso, Cayo Largo, Cuba[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Playa de Ses Illetes, Baleares, Espanha[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Anse Lazio, Seychelles[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]White Beach, Boracay, Filipinas[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Playa Flamenco, Culebra, Porto Rico[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Whitehaven Beach, Ilhas Whitsunday, Austrália[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Elafonissi, Grécia[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Camp´s Bay Beach, África do Sul[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Índia[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Woolacombe Beach, Reino Unido[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]Siesta Beach, Flórida, estados Unidos[/trx_list_item]
[trx_list_item]West Bay Beach, Honduras[/trx_list_item]


How to access it?

It starts with a short walk. There is little more than 500 meters of track, a covered walkway built of ecological wood, built by a concessionaire of tourist services of the National Marine Park. The path is short and  it will not be fast … There’s the famous Mirante Two Brothers (Dois irmãos), postcard of the island. After enjoying the view and thank the opportunity to be there, you surely will take the picture that will be the album of the best times of your life … So, it is time to move towards the most beautiful beach in the world, winning the biggest challenge of the way: the stairs !! That’s it. The Sancho Bay is 50 meters down there and you need to start the descent by two metal stairs set inside a rocky crevice, the work of nature. It’s like an air bubble in the middle of rock to make way for visitors. The space is so small that only passes one person, then we must come out slowly and with little bag “.

Overdue 35 metal steps, it’s time to face the ladder created by nature: over 150 steps carved into the rock. The good news is that there is a steel cable to help.
Then, the decline is much more pleasurable and the breathtaking view become more beautiful every step.

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