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Full day boat tour Boipeba and Tinharé islands – Regular - 1 Day

Full day boat tour Boipeba and Tinharé islands – Regular

Full day boat tour Boipeba and Tinharé islands – Regular

It is the hottest and known tour from Morro de São Paulo and can not be left out of your stay in the island. It’s a real tour of the islands of Tinharé and gives tourists a broad view of the archipelago, besides providing great moments of relaxation and fun on beautiful beaches and sights of Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba. boat tour Boipeba

The boat ride passes through natural pools, the tip of the Castilians, the Great Crown and “Cova da Onca”.

The starting point is in the Boca da Barra Velha Boipeba and the first stop is in the natural pools of Morere emerging among the reefs during low tide. It is an environment rich in flora and fauna with lots of fish, lobsters, starfish, octopus, many corals and underwater plants. boat tour Boipeba

The tip of the Castilians is a deserted beach with coral reefs. The place got its name because of the Spanish galleon Madre de Dios, which sank there in the 17th century. The Big Crown “Coroa grande” is a sandbank in front of the Patos River which emerges at low tide.

San Sebastian, also known as Cova da Onca, is the second largest settlement on the island with about 800 inhabitants, who live mainly from fishing. Cova da Onca got his nickname because of a cave that closes the village.

In the town of Canavieiras, there are several floating rafts offering fresh oysters to passersby.

About Morro de São Paulo

When we say that Brazil is the country of diversity, Morro de Sao Paulo is one of the best ways to illustrate this feature. This Atlantic island attracts not only for having beautiful beaches and natural pools with clear water. There is for the nature lover and the adventurer looking for a deserted beach full of coconut trees.

Everyone can marvel at Morro de São Paulo, no matter if they come as backpacker or as five-star luxury of a resort package. Morro is the face of Brazil. The world has already fell in love for the island, probably because of the fact to walk in the streets with no cars and where you can listen to the different accents of Spanish, English, Hebrew, German, Finnish, Japanese, Portuguese, baianês. Everyone has their space.

Morro de São Paulo is one of the most talked about destinations in Brazil and no wonder why . Its sandy streets give a preview of the simple lifestyle of the natives, and upon arrival we surrender to the local climate. Taxi to take the bags? There yes, but are wheelbarrows that follow always full of bags. Wear light clothes and slippers on his feet, and enjoy a walk in the breeze coming from the sea, it is the best option.


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