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Lago Azul caves (Regular service) - 1 Day

Lago Azul caves (Regular service)

Lago Azul caves (Regular service)

Considered Bonito post card Lago Azul caves or Gruta lago azul is a contemplative and historical tour that starts with a walk of approx. 300m to the cave entrance, where one can already get an idea of its beauty. You´ll go down for approx. 200m by a staircase dug in the earth where may be seen a lake that delights the intensely bluish tone waters and beautiful speleothems of thousands years. The receptive offers bar and restaurant, toilets and gift shop. The equipment required for the realization of the tour are included in value.

OBS – Tennis Mandatory use.

TOURIST FROM OVERSEA, we recommend to add a bilingual guide and some other tours the same day for a complete and cheaper experience.

About Bonito

Fluctuate by crystalline rivers full of fish, hike the trails and bath in pristine waterfalls. Even with all the available structure to tourists, many sites seems untouched. No need to be a sportsman or adventurer to enjoy its attractions: here it is possible to be in nature without much effort and supported by professionals who understand the place.

IT’S ALL TRUE. Even being a destination that involves many water activities, Bonito can be visited in winter without problems. The temperature of the water from the springs remains constant throughout the year, around 24 ° C – cool in summer and warm in winter. On cold days, the hard part will be out of the water. Boca da onça tour

In any fluctuations, the classical picture is that of every visitor, into the water and surrounded by fish. Rio Sucuri, it is not necessary to worry about taking camera or special cover for shooting underwater: a photographer accompanying the tour will provide you the best pictures.

It is Time for adventure and fun.


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