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Lagoa Azul schooner boat tour – Regular service - 1 Day

Lagoa Azul schooner boat tour – Regular service

Lagoa Azul schooner boat tour – Regular service

The Blue Lagoon (Lagoa Azul) is the main tourist point of Ilha Grande. Visit the island and do not know the Blue Lagoon is like going to Rio de Janeiro and not know Christ the Redeemer. schooner boat tour

In this script besides the famous Blue Lagoon you will visit the grumixama beach, Freguesia de Santana and Japariz beach aboard a beautiful boat tour, with music, on-board bar, fruits and an underwater photographer for those who want to take a souvenir with fish. schooner boat tour

About Ilha Grande

If nature is your passion, Ilha grande is your destination. If you like adventures, nautical ride, kayak paddle, walk trails through the forest, using a mountain bike, do scuba diving or snorkeling, surfing, bathing in river and waterfall, enjoy beaches rustic restaurants and bars, so you will enjoy Ilha grande. Here is a lot of interaction with nature, proximity to some small wild animals such as monkeys and squirrels, birds, gulls, insects, lizards, crabs, frogs, turtles, stingrays and dolphins. azil

The arrival on the Island, already has a bit of adventure and it makes it already very special. The fact of having no connection to the mainland by bridges, no roads, certainly has great influence on its preservation. No cars and motorbikes. The lack of electricity in some communities, brings us to the last of tranquility, without (necessarily) the comfort of the modern world.

It’s simple, rustic, natural, the place where people turn back to their origins, feet back on the floor, the beautiful nature emerges the good things … Ilha grande, has legends, curiosities, stories & stories. Jailbreak the defunct prison, stories of fishermen, the past with pirates, slaves, farms, prisons. It is beautiful and grand in nature.

How to get to Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is an island located 1 hour away from the continent reachable only by boat from different points but the most common is the pier of Angra dos Reis.


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