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Pinto Bandeira Vineyard visit (Private service) - 1 Day

Pinto Bandeira Vineyard visit (Private service)

Pinto Bandeira Vineyard visit (Private service)

Known as the region of Bento Gonçalves mountains, 750 meters above sea level, Pinto Bandeira is located in one of the most beautiful spots of the Serra Gaucha. Pinto Bandeira Vineyard

The path toward the urban part is full of mountains and valleys that alternate, drawing a beautiful relief, with wonderful and amazing landscapes.

Along the way, amidst the tranquility and clean air, visitors will find the wineries of ASPROVINHO (Association of Pinto Bandeira Wine Producers) that produce some of the best wines and sparkling wines from Brazil. Each with its peculiar structure, much hospitality and great products to offer. 

Visits lasts about 03 hours.

Visit of Valmarino, Cave Geisse e Don Giovanni.

About Bento Gonçalves

Charismatic and receptive, thus describes the Brazilian Capital of Wine. Located in the Serra Gaucha, Bento Gonçalves enchants everyone for their cuisine, culture and natural beauty. Making the city an important tourist destination. Its industrial and tourist vocation, its landscapes “of embroidered vines” and the claw of his people make the city a distinctive and welcoming place.  Pinto Bandeira Vineyard

With 382 square kilometers and more than 100 000 inhabitants, consisting of descendants of Italians, Polishes and afro-Brazilian, Bento Gonçalves stands by furniture, 8% of national production and 40% of state production and winemaking, which is the third largest economy of the municipality. Bento Gonçalves is also the first city in Brazil to obtain the indication of origin for the wines produced in the Vale dos Vinhedos.

The city lies surrounded by mountains and valleys of the Serra Gaucha, 113 km from Porto Alegre. The Brazilian Capital of Wine stands out for quality of life, measured by the HDI, the index aggregates data as longevity, health, education and income. Maria Fumaça tour

How to get there?

By plane

The nearest airport is in Caxias do Sul, 39 km away from Bento Gonçalves. The airport of Porto Alegre is at about 120 km. It is recommended to take a private or regular transfer to reach the destination.

 You can contract one of our drivers to make the transfer easier.

By bus

The main bus companies circulating in the region are: Itapemirim and Penha (which has routes to other countries as well).


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