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Scuba Diving Praia do Forte, Itacimirim, Natural Pool | Regular service - 1 Day

Scuba Diving Praia do Forte, Itacimirim, Natural Pool | Regular service

Scuba Diving Praia do Forte, Itacimirim, Natural Pool | Regular service

Itacimirim is a small village, which is about 48km from Salvador International Airport in “estrada do Côco” street and 20 kms from Praia do forte, region called the Coconut Coast. Scuba Diving Praia do Forte

The fourth, “Praia da Espera”, stands out for the beauty of the natural harbor where the fishing boats are moored. The fishermen say that because this is the only “right port” of the whole region, long ago when there was “whirlwind” and all the other port would´ve been closed, it was on this beach that the wives of fishermen had been waiting for them. Hence the expected Praia name. Scuba Diving Praia do Forte

Here are natural pools formed by reefs of colorful corals and fish, this is where you´ll snorkel to observe this nature.

Depending on the tide, diving is done in the Praia do forte or Itacimirim Beach, and will be confirmed 24 hours before the tour.

The tour begins with a lecture on the operation and equipment, basic rules and communication signals. After that… let´s dive!

In Baptism, the beginner will always be accompanied by an instructor. For those already accredited, it is essential to present the certificate. Scuba Diving Praia do Forte

About Praia do Forte

It seems unlikely that a place can gather a bucolic environment for you to relax, designed shops, golf courses and luxury hotels while preserving nature with due respect and attention it deserves. But it exists right here in Brazil: Praia do Forte. Praia do Forte Brazil

The city is considered the “Brazilian Polynesia”. With 12 miles of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, natural pools and huge palm trees by the sea, the place is almost the idealized vision that makes the islands of the South Pacific. And right there, a little over 40 kms up north of Salvador.

The old fishing village gave rise to what is today Praia do Forte, a place that still preserves rustic features with modern and exquisite details. It is believed that the formation of the village has begun around the fort that the Portuguese nobleman Garcia D’Ávila had built in the sixteenth century, to give more protection to the place. It had the purpose of storing the goods that arrived at the coast of the colony, by the sea, and then would be sent to Salvador. Many families began to settle in the region attracted by the arrival of coconut seedlings that Portuguese settlers brought from Asia. Some men were dedicated to the planting and harvest, and others were dedicated to fishing. It was the beginning of settlement of land near the fort.


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