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Guided walking tour of Brazilian side from Hotel das cataratas – Private - 1 Day

Guided walking tour of Brazilian side from Hotel das cataratas – Private

Guided walking tour of Brazilian side from Hotel das cataratas – Private

As you will be accommodated at the charming Hotel das Cataratas, you may not necessary need a guide to visit the park as it is right in the front of the hotel. However, you may be interested by the hundred of stories and information that can provide our knowledgeable guides. You will discover all the secret of the falls. tour of Brazilian side

The visit the  Iguassu Falls is an experience of immersion in the nature, walking trails through the forest and the imminent proximity of the immensity of the waterfalls of Iguassu River. tour of Brazilian side

The tour lasts 2 to 4 hours starting from your hotel, your guide will be waiting for you at the door entrnace. By a pathway though the forest, there are several open spaces for the observation of the falls. At the end of the trail, there is a walkway observation that complete the tour, coming to the point known as “Devil’s Throat”.

After the hike, there is a memorial of Alberto Santos Dumont, a food court to get some food, and the restaurant Porto Canoas. After this half day, your guide will accompany you back to the hotel. Walking tour iguassu falls.

About Iguassu falls

The word Iguaçu means “big water” in Tupi-Guarani etymology. The falls are formed by the falls of the Iguaçu River. Eighteen kilometers before joining the Paraná River, the Iguaçu wins an unevenness of the ground and rushes when dropped up to 80 meters high, reaching a width of 2780 meters. Its geological formation dating from about 150 million years ago, but the formation of the landform of the falls began approximately 200,000 years ago. Iguassu falls


The Iguaçu River measures 1200 meters wide above the falls. Below is a close up to 65m channel. The total width of the Falls on the Brazilian territory is approximately 800m and 1900m on the Argentine side. The height of the falls varies between 40-80 metros. Depending on the river flow, the number of hops varies, reaching a higher number to 100 during periods of average flow.

The average flow of the river is around 1,500 m3 per second, ranging from 500 m3 / s in times of drought and 8.500 m3 / s when heavy. The larger volume of water occurs between the months from October to March, however the record of the highest flow has reached the volume of 46,000 m3 per second in June 2014, just before the world cup kick-off.

The main falls are 19, five on the Brazilian side (Floriano, Deodoro and Benjamin Constant, Santa Maria and Union) and the others on the Argentine side. The arrangement of heels, with most of them in Argentina and Brazil facing side, provides the best view for those who observe the scenery from Brazil. Both sides have to be discovered.


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